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Lexique des technologies

La richesse des technologies exploitées dans les produits Guartdall justifie l'élaboration d'un lexique destiné à expliquer les fonctionnalités qui se "cachent" derrière les terminologies employées. Cette démarche participe de notre volonté de farire partager à nos clients la connaissance et la compréhension du fonctionnemment de nos matériels.
Technologies de détection:



Feature: Anti-Stealth TM

Description: Anti-stealth TM mode is a new highly intelligent feature for dual-tech detectors which analyses microwave and PIR activity in a room and is able to detect intruders with very low temperature differentials to the environment. Detection performance is outstanding.

Benefit: Provides maximum detection capability for very high security applications.

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Feature: Digital Fluorescent Light Filter

Description: Fluorescent lights cause microwave return signals which can significantly alter the sensitivity/range of the microwave detection and can cause false microwave alarms.

Benefit: Guardall’s Digital Fluorescent Light Filter not only ignores these signals but unlike some competitors products, also compensates for them dynamically using Guardall’s unique processing algorithms. This means Guardall’s microwave detection range does not vary significantly with light level –thereby increasing false alarm immunity and maintain security.

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Feature: DIL Switch Selector 


Description: This allows the installer to quickly select/enable product features to tailor it to the installation environment and system requirements.

Benefit: Faster, easier more flexible installation.

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Feature: Dual-Hex Technology 


Description: The result of an intensive research and development. Guardall’s patented leading edge Dual-Hex PIR detector is the most advanced PIR detector on the market. Unlike normal Dual-element and Quad-element detectors, the Dual-Hex has 12 elements which are uniquely arranged to allow sophisticated phase processing of the PIR signals. This unique technology allows many noise sources to be processed-out. E.g. Internal noise ‘spikes’ inherent in all PIR detector elements, even the effects of insects, sunlight, hot and cold air turbulence and headlights can be dramatically reduced or ignored.

Benefit: The ultimate in PIR false alarm immunity – so good it can be used almost anywhere a dual-technology detector can.

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Feature: End-of-Line (EOL) Resistors 


Description: These are resistors which can be wired into the Alarm, Tamper and Aux (Trouble) circuits. In some detectors these are switch selectable via a DIL switch.

Benefit: Fast installations with Guardall panels. Allows alarm, tamper and fault/anti-mask monitoring using just 1 zone.

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Feature: Fresnel Lens 


Description: Guardall’s Fresnel lenses are custom designed to give precise PIR room coverage with balanced sensitivity. They are manufactured with custom material composition to give excellent white light rejection whilst maintaining maximum optical gain in the infra-red spectrum.

Benefit: Accurate detection and tight sensitivity variation. The higher optical gain also allows a reduction in the electronic gain, which increases the products immunity to electronic noise. Combined with the white light rejection, the above features produce excellent security and reduced false alarm rates.

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Feature: Latching 


Description: This feature memorises alarm events when the system is set/armed. When the system is Unset the alarm memory can be visually displayed on the detectors LEDs. 

Benefit: It allows the user/installer to locally identify which detector on a system caused an alarm event.

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Feature: Low Supply Monitor 


Description: This feature monitors the input voltage to the detector and senses when the supply is below the lower operating voltage.

Benefit: Warning of a low supply before the risk of false alarms. 

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Feature: Mirrored Optics 


Description: Mirrored PIR products offer the highest precision coverage – producing sharp detection zones with higher optical gain. Guardall’s mirrors are custom designed using leading-edge optical design software to give excellent PIR room coverage with balanced sensitivity. They are combined with a white light filter which gives an outstanding PIR/White Light gain ratio.

Benefit: Gives the highest PIR detection accuracy. The higher optical gain also reduces the electronic gain, which increases the products immunity to electronic noise. Combined with the white light rejection ratio, the above features also produce excellent false alarm immunity.

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Feature: Periodic Self-Test 


Description: This feature tests the detector technologies on a regular basis if no alarm activity is sensed. It ensures that the sensors and amplifier chains are operating normally. In the unlikely event of a failure or significant performance degradation, the fault is reported on the Auxiliary(Aux)/Trouble Output. It can also be indicated on the LEDs if selected – depending on product.

Benefit: Increased security – detector failure or significant performance degradation (although unlikely) is reported.

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Feature: Temperature Compensation - see also Profiled Digital Temperature Compensation below. 


Description: As temperature varies, the detection capability of a PIR detector (particularly as it approaches body temperature) varies. This can result in varying PIR detection range resulting in reduced building security or increased false alarms rates.

Benefit: Guardall’s temperature compensation algorithms are applied over the detectors entire operating range to ensure consistent detection.

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Feature: Profiled Digital Temperature Compensation 


Description: As temperature varies, the detection capability of a PIR detector (particularly as it approaches body temperature) and a microwave source varies. This can result in varying detection range resulting in reduced building security or increased false alarms rates.

Benefit: Guardall’s unique temperature compensation algorithms are profiled over the detectors entire operating range. Unlike some competitors products, the algorithms have been developed for PIR, Microwave and Microwave Anti-Mask technologies through years of experience and cutting-edge design. They are tailored to give optimum performance for highly reliable building security and false alarm immunity.

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Feature: Remote Self-Test 


Description: This feature tests the detector technologies in the same way as the Periodic Self Test feature but is initiated remotely by the user/installer via the detectors Test Input. Failure reporting is also the same as for the Periodic Self Test however in addition a successful remote self test is indicated by opening the alarm relay for 3 secs.

Benefit: Increased security. User controlled detector testing with positive feedback results.

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Feature: Sealed Optics 


Description: Guardall’s detectors are all designed to seal-off the optical area. Strict tolerance control during manufacturing ensures all detectors meet this requirement.

Benefit: Insect and dust resistant to minimise the risk of false alarms.

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Feature: Single Detector Interface (XIB Bus) 


Description: This provides a serial communications link of the detectors status back to the panel.

Benefit: Gives a higher level of security within the building as it makes it almost impossible for professional thieves to bypass/isolate the detector from the panel.

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Feature: Solid State Relays 


Description: All of Guardall’s new products use high quality Optically isolated MOSFET relays which unlike reed relays have no moving parts and are silicon based.

Benefit: They have no moving parts that could be stuck or forced by the use of a powerful magnet. As a result they offer increased security and higher reliability.

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Feature: Supervision 


Description: Guardall’s detectors include constant internal monitoring of the detector technologies (PIR and microwave). In the unlikely event that a failure has occurred, the fault is reported on the Auxiliary (Aux)/Trouble Output. It can also be indicated on the LEDs if selected – depending on product. In most products this is also backed-up by a periodic Self-Test. (see Periodic Self-Test for more information)

Benefit: Increased security – detector failure (although unlikely) is reported immediately.

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Feature: Tamper Switch (Case and Wall) 


Description: Discrete switches are installed within the detector and tracked to the Tamper output. Removal of the cover in an attempt to disable the detector is signalled on the Tamper Output. Similarly the off-the-wall tamper switch (if fitted) signals if an attempt has been made to remove the detector from its mounting surface.

Benefit: Increased security.

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Feature: Selectable Pulse Count 


Description: This allows the user to optimise the detectors sensitivity to suit its environment. Selecting pulse count (via DIL switches or shunts) varies the amount of detection required for the PIR (and microwave) to generate an alarm

Benefit: Optimised security level for reduced false alarm rates.

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Feature: Selectable AM Reporting Modes 


Description: This allows the user to select Normal or High Security reporting modes for anti-mask products. In Normal Mode, Anti-mask is reported just as a fault signal (on the Aux relay) and faults are not output on the relay. In High Security Mode, Anti-mask is reported on both Aux and Alarm relays and faults are reported on the Aux relay. LED reporting also changes -see specific product for details.

Benefit: User selectable reporting of anti-mask and fault indications to suit approval and control panel requirements.

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Feature: White Light Filter 


Description: White light from a very strong source - eg direct sunlight, flashlights/torches or car headlights can cause a PIR signal to be generated by a PIR sensor which could generate a false alarm. All of Guardalls sensors contain white light filtering to reduce this problem. To eliminate the problem a high quality white light filtering material is also used as the PIR window for mirrored products and is also incorporated into the fresnel lens material. Whilst this material attenuates the white light it also maximises infra-red transmission for maximum detection efficiency.

Benefit: Reduces False alarms caused by light sources

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Feature: Microwave Day Disable 


Description: When enabled, this features disables the microwave source within the detectors when the system is UNSET.

Benefit: Environmentally friendly as it reduces the detector power consumption and it stops all microwave emissions.

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Feature: Enhanced DT Processing 


Description: Guardall's new DT series of detectors include this new set of powerful processing algorithms which intelligently analyse the environment to determine whether an intruder is present or not. Produced after an extensive research and development program the algorithms simply "process-out" many types of noise/false alarm sources whilst attaining even higher catch capability.

Benefit: Reduced False alarm rates. Enhanced detection capability.

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